18-21 mai

“ICT+ citizen” session

“ICT+ citizen” session

The works of “ICT+ citizen” session, organized and moderated by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova jointly with Information Society Development Institute, will extend the term of “information society” by analyzing the advantages and risks of transition to an information society which evaluates the social and cultural impacts resulting from informatization. Within this session will be presented reports, reflecting the impact of ICT development on society as a whole, ensuring the safety of individuals in conditions of transition to information society, the advantages of Moldova in this filed with regard to other countries.

There will also be held round tables, seminars, forums and presentations, centered on several topics: Legislation and policies in e-services; topical issues regarding standardization and technical regulation in e-services in the Republic of Moldova; aspects of information security in e-services and future perspectives.

Within the topic “E-services for state and society” will be presented reports regarding e-services offered by the Ministry of Information Development. Also there will be presented several reports and papers on the Government portal, as an instrument for delivery of public e-services, reports regarding the issues related to the use of “digital signature”, delivery of e-services in such areas as taxes, licensing, social sphere, electronic payments and implementation of secured state e-services, etc.